4 months out

It has been over 4 months since I finished treatment. Fortunately, it almost seems like a dream, or that it happened long ago. I had a head-to-thigh PET scan November 20th, and it was totally negative. Even the fluid cyst containing the tumor cells was no longer evident!! Yay!!😃

Over the last four months, I have gradually returned to my pre-treatment working schedule. I began doing just one massage a few days a week. Currently, I am doing two massages per day most of the time, with naps in between. In October, I hiked Enchanted Rock with my 2 dear friends, Anita and Lynda. We all kept a pretty similar pace. A month before I didn’t think that I would be able to do it.

I truly feel pretty normal, just tiring a little more easily. Digestive track isn’t perfect but is getting there. Dr. Klopp, my beloved radiologist, says I should feel back to normal 6 months out. I’ve thought about writing an article on accessing the medical care one desires-cancer or other ailment—but haven’t done it. Somehow, between doing 2 massages, grocery shopping, cooking, and all the other things we do to keep a household running and our loved ones loved, the day disappears.

Grandson, Oliver
Grandson, Wyatt
The trick is to not discuss the past too much! Even helping friends as they go thru treatment can put me in a dark place, if my past is rehashed too much. It’s okay to listen and help them, but not go into all my previous treatments. You just relive the fear. I would rather focus on the present—my precious 19 month old grandson, Wyatt, and my sweet 3 month old grandson, Oliver. I am gardening, which is mentally and physically healing, working on finishing a toddler quilt (it was a baby quilt when I started it 2 years ago), walking 2&1/4 miles twice a week, and enjoying friends and family.

Next check up is in February with Dr. Shafer, my Gynecology Oncologist, back at MD. People ask, “So, are you in remission now?” That sounds like a simple question, but to me, it’s uncomfortable. Yes, for now there are no clinical signs, and I feel good. However, I never felt bad either of the two times when I was diagnosed, and the nature of the beast is such that it’s hard to know whether it is still out there in minute amounts or not. So, not a good question. Just writing about it makes me feel ill.

I greatly appreciate all the love and support everyone has shown me. It makes a world of difference. Thanks to all of you !!Thsts it for now. I promise to do a better job of keeping up-to-date.