I am now two weeks post chemo. All in all, I believe I am slowly improving, although it is at a slower pace than I would choose. However, it is probably not slower than what I anticipated.
My appetite is improving, and although I hope to eventually return to my VERY low glycemic diet, for now I am eating whatever appeals to me. My stomach has frequent low level queasiness remaining, but that is improving.
My energy is extremely low. I might spend 30 minutes watering my garden or doing dishes. Then I am ready to rest for several hours. I have started driving myself to do short errands, but even that is exhausting. I had hoped to be a big help to Arielle this past weekend, to help her get her 3rd grade classroom in order for school to start tomorrow. I was only able to help for 2 hours on Saturday, and was too tired to return on Sunday.
I rarely cook. Michael and I are keeping it very simple. My sister, Lynda, was here this weekend and kindly came out to cook dinner for me. She brought her grandson, Jett, who was a big help– he built me a “Snake Bridge”, so that snakes could crawl across it and not bother my grass! He is five. My wonderful neighbor, Barbara Mansur, has been kind enough to do lots of my grocery shopping. My fabulous neighbor and cook, Debbie Wright, brought me spinach quiche yesterday, that has to be one of the best I’ve ever eaten! And my neighbor, Holly, is kind enough to bring my newspaper up to the porch Friday through Sunday.
Today I am being picked up to go with friends to lunch in Wimberley.

So, for those of you who I have scared off previously, as I did not wish to discuss my cancer or treatment on a regular basis, please feel free to text, email, or call me if you like. I miss seeing everyone, but I’m not quite ready for many visits, due to my energy work. Much love to everyone!!