Treatment Finished!👍

Aahhh! My final 2 Radiation “Boosts” were 2 days ago on Wednesday. It turned into a bit of a crazy day. I had the first radiation at 8:30 in the morning that my dear, 93 year old (sharp as a tack) Aunt Jeanne dropped me off for earlier. It went quickly. I Ubered back to her house and rested.
Then, Uncle Jerry picked me up at 1:30for the last trip of my treatment at 2:30. We bought flowers for the Radiation Techs, who have been FABULOUS, and then went to Long John Silvers, as I was “hankering” for a couple pieces of fish. Anita, my dear friend who has been by my side for 75% of my treatments, met us and put my luggage in her car. So far, so good.

However, of all days, Radiation had difficulty with my positioning, and some issues with what was in my colon. Long story short, we were not able to leave MD Anderson until around 4:45, and my Vonlane Bus was at least 25 minutes away, it was raining, and we were in 5 o’clock traffic. The bigger problem, was that I was supposed to drop off my aunts home security key fob before going to the bus. The Vonlane Bus leaves on the nose of 5:30. If you are 2 minutes late, you have missed it. So, we made arrangements to meet Aunt Jeanne at the Hyatt, handed her the keys via Valet at 5:26, and I ran to the bus. Whew!!

When I was a teenager growing up in Abilene, I lived for several summers with my Grandma Sophie in Houston, working at the Jewish Community Center as a counselor. Anita came to visit, and one of our great pleasures was walking to three brothers bakery to eat chocolate Eclairs. So, as my Graduation from Treatment gift, Anita bought me a very yummy chocolate eclair from the French Bakery. Yumm Yumm! We split it, of course!

So, I am home and SO HAPPY to be here and not have to pack back up to go to Houston on Sunday. I did have some radiation burns in 2 areas, but I added chamomile, lavender, and geranium essential oils to some salve, and one of the two has totally healed. The other is improving. The EColi is gone, so I am eating whatever appeals to me, in small amounts. My digestive tract has greatly improved. Right now my biggest problem is just fatigue. I expected that, as chemo and radiation both affect the body in serious ways; I was already warned by my radiation oncologist that fatigue would be noticeable. With my incredible Go Fund Me account, I do not have to worry about taking my time to get over these major physical repercussions. So, I do a dish or 2, or water a plant and lay back down. In less than 24 hours, I finished a lovely summer read, Secrets in Summer, by Nancy Thayer.

Monday I have an appointment with my new Integrative M. D., so that I no longer have to travel to Minnesota to have an acting physician who supervises my protocol. Wednesday, Michael and I have an appointment to see a new interventional vascular physician, in order to put some new eyes on his wound not healing over the last four years. We BOTH need to be unencumbered with the pain and stress of his foot wound. It has changed every aspect of our lives-financially, physically, and spiritually. Our marriage is strong and our support of the other unwavering, but we are both ready to be healthy and be able to do all the things we love.

I can’t thank all the people who have supported me through this journey enough! All 3 of My children (and spouses) have been incredible. My daughter, Arielle, has been my unwavering angel–calling me every day, setting up the Go Fund Me account in collaboration with a few friends, taking me to the bus, checking in on her Daddy, and brightening our week with visits from Wyatt, my grandson. My friends Anita, Lynda, and Molly, who conspired to make sure I always had rides and whatever else was needed. My loving siblings, Reid, Bram, and Lynda who checked in in me. All of my beloved friends and relatives who gave me shelter in Houston. Paul Keeper and Bettie Forman, who also drove me home. My neighbors and friends, who brought me food, watered plants, texted, emailed, and in general, let me know and believe I am loved. You are too numerous to name, but you know who you are. Courtney Newmark set up this blog.

I believe very few of us truly believe we are worthy of being loved unconditionally. It is hard at times to keep faith that the Universe, God, is supporting us. However, it is so important to internalize those thought if we want to be happy and stay well. I have had a huge outpouring of support, and I so appreciate each and everyone of you who has sent healing thoughts and prayers my way. I wrap myself in them every day and can’t help but believe it has made an incredible difference in surviving. It’s hard to say that word, “survival”. I want to be here for another 30 years, and the thought 4 months ago that I might not survive 40 months was extremely depressing.

I believe that I was guided to the right doctors for the right treatment. My sister, Lynda, made me a sign that said “CANCER FREE BY 8-1-2017”. I believe I’ve done that!! I will have a check in with Dr. Klopp in a month and then return to Houston in 4 months to have a PET scan to evaluate my “former” cyst, to make sure there are no longer tumor cells present.

In the meantime, I will rest up and SLOWLY return to work when able. Hopefully, I can do 1 massage a day within a month or so. Hard to believe I am too tired to do a massage, but I will.
Thank you to everyone. I love you all!💗💕❤️