Final Chemo today

After 3 sticks, I have finally begun the last of my 6 Chemo treatments!! Wahoo!! My veins have become more and more difficult to find, but this is expected after 6 rounds of chemo from my treatment 3&1/2 years ago plus the Cisplatin I’m currently receiving. Ironically, I almost feel better during chemo than on the following days–but they load me up with all kinds of drugs and fluids to make me tolerate the chemo better.

I now have 10 radiation treatments left. 2 extra “Boost” radiations were added last week. I think I have 9 Boosts total. My understanding is that they are not more intense radiation, but they are slightly more specific. The area that the IMRT has been targeting is at the Vaginal Cuff, where the vagina was sewn shut after removing the uterus. It was a more general area, including surrounding lymph nodes. This will specifically target the cyst in the cul-de-sac. I still need to ask a few more questions, and will do that this Thursday when we have my appointment with Dr. Klopp.

I think the chemo, plus the radiation, the E Coli, and just being away from home leave me emotionally fragile. When the radiation techs told me last Friday that my treatment had been extended by 2 days, I started crying. But then, I cried when my friend, Angie McDowell brought food over that night. As it turns out, they can schedule me for 2 treatments a day, separated by 6 hours. So, I will still be done on the afternoon of the 2nd. Yay!! I want to go home and not have to repack to return.
I do think about all the people that are here from other countries, or other cities, that live too far to go back-and-forth. I’m lucky in that I have such a great support group of family and friends in Houston!

This past weekend in Dripping Springs was so crazy that it is almost laughable. I had started on the Cipro, giving up on the thought that I would be able to get over the E. coli by myself. However the side effects of the Cipro are the same as the symptoms from the E. coli-diarrhea and nausea. Our toilets were having a problem flUshing, so was spending quite a bit of time working on that. Then on Sunday, we had a big thunderstorm that knocked out our electricity, which also meant we had no water. After four hours of waiting for the electricity come back on, we finally went to my daughter Arielle’s, to take a shower for the first time for the weekend and to do some laundry. About the time we arrived, one of my neighbors texted to say her electricity had come back on. We drove home, only to find that everyone’s electricity UP to our house and across the street, had come back on. Ours was not on! So, I had another major meltdown! My poor husband! He has been very sweet, but I know it’s been difficult for him to see me crying all the time. PEC, The electric company, did send someone out shortly there after, so we did regain electricity within the next 20 minutes.

The good news is that I have improved Michael’s cooking skills. Sunday evening, cheese tortellini sounded good to me, so Michael bought some of that, and because I was such a basket case, he was forced into making pesto sauce himself. He did a fabulous job!
So, enough for now. I haven’t written for several days on this blog, because I just was feeling so yucky. I think the E.Coli is gone, and I am in the homestretch. Thanks to all who have tried to keep up with me and have sent prayers and thoughts my way. It all helps, just to know I am surrounded by so much love! Promise to write again soon.