Rough Day

Yestwrday was a little rough. The morning started fine, with sweet Michael accompanying me to Houston for treatment. I drove and felt pretty decent! We arrived early, had labwork done (all good), radiation, and then went to lunch at Salata. We both needed soup, me for my slightly queasy gut.  Michael had dental work done the week before, and he needed soft food. I had a soup and a lovely salad. Boy, could we use a place like that in Dripping–huge salad smorgasbord that they fix for you.  Kind of like an upscale Subway, where you tell them what you want added. All kinds of salad mixes, veggies, cheese, condiments-heavenly.

Anyway, immediately after eating, my intestines rebelled. I spent much of the day in the bathroom, worried I might not make it on time and dreadfully embarrass myself!  I tried taking the anti-nausea medication, Zofran, knowing it had some constipating qualities, but that wasn’t enough. Took Imodium, took  more Imodium, consulted my chemo nurse about how much I could take safely, and we finally called the doctor on call. Of course, just as it seemed I might not have to jump out of bed, disconnect the power plug for IV, race around the corner, and pray no one else was in the bathroom, things slowed down. Thank G-d!!

The Dr was very concerned, came up with a plan to try simple first-Pepto Bismol-and or more Imodium if that didn’t do it. Worst case scenario, if problem continued, I was to contact him and meet him at ER. As it turned out, after taking 1 round of Pepto, I was able to eat rice, some stewed chicken, and green beans at my cousins home. I had no more problems and slept great

I am staying at my cousins home, Elisa and Yaron Pacht. They live in Meyerland, which is a very familiar, comfortable area, with lots of family. It was part of my bus route, when I lived in Houston as a teenager and worked as a counselor at the Jewish Community Center. I will just take it easy and hang out for the day, maybe swimming, reading  and working on Wyatt’s baby quilt. Michael will drive my car home later today. The Pachts are incredibly sweet and accommodating. Elisa’s Dad is my Moms brother, and she and I share a lot of similar traits.

My dear friend, Molly,  will come up to drive me home on Friday. My beloved friend, Lynda Burger, will drive me back on Friday. A lovely client and friend, Judy Carter, gave me gift certificates for Vonlanes, which is a luxury bus line. I will take it back and forth another time.

So, as you can see, I am well taken care of, as I have been through this journey.